Canadian Plywood

Canadian plywood manufacturers strive to maintain Canadian plywood’s status as being of the finest quality available; and choice of builders worldwide. Manufactured in accordance with CSA-0121 and CSA-0151, together with 3rd party factory production control, ensures compliance with specified standards; it is rated for both interior and exterior uses, is low formaldehyde and warranted against manufacturing defects, including delamination.

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Douglas fir plywood (DFP)

Douglas fir plywoods comprise face and back of Douglas fir, and a core of selected softwood species. They are available in a variety of grades that are ideally suited to particular purposes.

  • Clear natural face plywood is popularly specified in the UK in 11mm and 18mm thicknesses, for applications such as furniture, cabinet doors, partitions and shelving.
  • Good-one-side is an appearance-grade plywood, with a smooth sanded surface that makes it ideal for cabinets, shelving and concrete forms.
  • Select is an unsanded product, chosen for underlayment, hoarding and construction.
  • Sheathing grade is ideal for roof, wall and floor sheathing, and also chosen for hoarding, packaging and construction.


Canadian softwood plywood (CSP)

CSP is made with faces and backs of selected softwood species, principally spruce, pine, hemlock and fir.

  • Select grade material is used for underlayment, hoarding and construction.
  • Sheathing is an unsanded plywood, used frequently for roof, wall and floor sheathing, hoarding, packaging and construction.
  • CSP is no longer regularly shipped to the UK; please check availability before specifying’


Concrete formwork plywood (COFI FORM)

Canada’s film-faced Douglas fir plywood is used to create a superior concrete finish. It resists high-loading and wet service conditions, and is reusable.

Medium density overlaid plywood (MDO)

MDO is an exterior plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. The product is ideal for painted signs, and has proven a more durable sign material than metal in many instances.

Plywood Underlayment

Underlayment is a graded plywood, available in several thicknesses. It is designed to be installed beneath resilient floor finishes, such as vinyl, rubber and synthetic sheets or tiles, ceramic tiles and certain types of glued-on carpet.