Structural Components and Engineered Wood

wp05-image-photoA variety of wood products are designed typically to utilise and enhance the natural properties of raw timber to create structural components with superior strength-to-weight characteristics that make them particularly suited to present day construction practices. Such manufactured products included engineered floor joists, pre-fabricated wall panels and pre-fabricated roof trusses.


Canadian Structural Timber Brochure

structural_timber_brochureCE marking of construction products will become mandatory throughout the EU, including in the UK, in 2013 – the CE mark is in fact already applied to many construction products. A new Canadian Structural Timber brochure from Canada Wood UK provides a wealth of detail for understanding the requirements for structural timber as well as providing structural design values for Canadian strength-graded timber formerly in BS 5268: Part 2 now withdrawn and replaced with Eurocode 5. The publication is focussed on the needs of producers and buyers alike and provides much needed clarity of explanation.

Download the brochure