Softwood Species and Value Added Softwood Timber

Kindrochet Lodge, Perthshire Photo: Wood Awards

Kindrochet Lodge, Perthshire
Photo: Wood Awards

Canadian softwoods are available in a variety of species and grades, suited to many end uses.


SPF Group – A combination of spruce, pine and fir supplied as carcassing and CLS dimension timber and, depending on grade, suitable for wood frame building construction, joinery, panelling, carcassing, flooring, scaffold boards, bed frames, DIY, pallets and packaging.


Douglas fir – With its superior strength properties and availability in large dimensions the timber is used primarily for building construction and structural purposes. Douglas fir is also a first-class wood used for sashes, doors and windows, and is seen used for flooring, furniture, ship and boat construction, and as a face-veneer on plywood.


Eastern white cedar – A stable, finely textured, durable wood with good working properties that make it suitable for exterior and interior cladding, roof shingles, mouldings, outdoor and interior furniture, patios and verandas, doors and windows, fencing and trellis. The wood is soft, lightweight, insulating, and does not splinter!


Eastern white pine – A creamy white to yellow wood with uniform texture and fine grain with good working properties that make it suitable for cladding, mouldings, pattern making, cabinet work, doors, windows, panelling and DIY.


Jack pine – A slow grown wood with sound tight knots and excellent machining and gluing properties that make it ideal for panelling, joinery, furniture, carcassing, flooring, doors, windows, frames, DIY, pallets and packaging.


Sitka spruce – Clear grades are used in fine interior finishing, mouldings, joinery and trim where an even-coloured natural wood finish is desired. The top grade clear wood is used for piano and guitar sound-boards that make use of excellent resonating properties. The wood’s high strength to weight ratio has made it popular for use in speciality marine applications (e.g. masts and spars) and even for airplane construction.


Tamarack – This durable member of the larch genus has a distinguished growth ring pattern and can be used to make eye-catching outdoor furniture, panelling, bridges, mouldings, flooring and decks.


Western hemlock – Western hemlock is an outstanding wood for mouldings and interior woodworking, and has proved popular for doors, windows, floors, ladders and other purposes where a high-grade softwood is required. The wood is sold also in mixture with amabilis fir, described as Hem-Fir, and used for general construction work, solid and laminated beams.


Western red cedar (Canadian) – A wood that is endowed with a unique combination of properties, like no other wood or man-made material, beautiful, durable and stable, ideal for interior and exterior cladding, joinery and decking applications.The wood is available from UK merchants who offer a variety of grades and profiles suited to your project.


Yellow cedar – Among the world’s most durable woods, it is popular for use in structural grades for bridges, decking, and stairs, or otherwise for exterior doors, window boxes, posts, marine applications and boat building.